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Why swingers voted in Queensland

This analysis is based on the 24 respondents from our exit survey who identified as having changed their vote since last election, or who normally vote LNP but this time voted for the ALP. These were the voters who decided the election, so why they changed their vote is the best gauge of what really happened.

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Asset recycling as a basis for prosperty

Imagine you are sitting alone in the corridor opposite the door to the room in which the elected members of Government are debating the sale of “Roo Infrastructure”, an icon.  Your job as a public servant is to brief those in the room on facts, on the hard facts of the likely proceeds and other net benefits to be reaped from such a sale.  Your audience will be hostile, with most of those in the room not wanting to analyse what you have to say.  They have already determined their position on the Treasurer’s proposal.

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Calling the election right

How many serious commentators did you hear predict that Queensland Labor would win by a slim majority? We only heard one – Australian Institute for Progress Executive Director, Graham Young.

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