This site is to monitor policies for the Queensland 2015 state election. We hope to cover the major policies of Liberal National Party and the Australian Labor Party and to provide a guide to whether they meet our objectives for good policy.

It is run and managed by the Australian Institute for Progress, a Queensland-based think tank which exists to secure a better future.

We will also check the accuracy of claims made by party political, and non-party political actors.

This is our list of areas that we think are important, and that the state government has significant control over:

1. Budget repair, ensuring that operating income is greater than operating expenses and that debt is paid back from cashflow and sensible asset redeployment, including sales/leases of mature assets and those that can be better run by the non-government sector.

2. Privatisation of the energy sector so that consumers enjoy lower prices and better services.

3. Providing a better service by government for the same or less expenditure, particularly in areas like health, education, families and housing

4. Concrete plans to increase numeracy and literacy rates, provide children with the content and research and analysis skills to adapt to any future cultural or employment environment, and an awareness and appreciation by children of their own culture. The most important welfare measure is a good education.

5. Investment in infrastructure that will improve the quality of life for Queenslanders and increase efficiencies leading to greater productivity and state wealth.

6. Solving the housing affordability problem.

7. Enabling and promoting the industries where Queensland has a competitive advantage, specifically mining, agriculture and tourism.

8. Renegotiating the federal compact so the state has access to adequate revenue to meet its commitments.